Webb Core provides customers with high security data center containment system.


Data Center

The Webb Core Advantage:

  • Improved Cooling
  • Improved Security
  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • Design by Cleanroom and Ceiling Specialists

ASHRAE's "Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environment" recommends a temperature range of 16-24c (61-75f) and humidity range of 40-55% with maximum dew point of 15c as optimal for data center conditions.

From concept to reality, Webb Core, Inc. Data Center Division provides our customers with the performance they expect from a high security data center containment system.

Data Center

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cleanroom Cover sheet
Cover Sheet
cleanroon floor plan
Floor Plan
clearroon floor plan 3D
Floor Plan 3D
cleanroon relected ceiling plan
Reflected Ceiling Plan
cleanroom front elevation
Front Elevation
cleanroom back elevation
Back Elevation
clean room left elevation
Left Elevation
cleanroon right elevation
Right Elevation
cleanroom aisle section
Aisle Section
clearnroom pod plan
4' x 26' Pod Plan
cleanroom pod interior elevation
4' x26' Pod Interior Elevation
clearnroom access door
Access Door
cleanroom details